Natural Colors What is an Aura Photo?

What is an Aura Photo?


An aura photo is perhaps best described as a photo of your energy.

The energy our body emits through the complex interactions of our cells produce an electromagnetic field, referred to as an aura.  There are areas within the human body that are considered to act as energy centers and are often referred to as chakras.

Natural Colors Aura Photos uses electronic hand sensors and a powerful computer program to show an individual the colors of their aura.  Our interactive technology uses 3D modeling and interprets the energetic state of each chakra providing a personalized interpretation of the meaning of your colors.

We print your aura photograph and email your multi-page aura report interpretation.



How does Aura Photography work?


Aura photography evolved from Kirlian photography or Kirlianography from around the same time period that Nikola Tesla was experimenting.  This technique used photographic plates to photograph the corona discharge of an electrically conductive object.

Natural Colors Aura Photos uses a hand Biosensor to measure electrodermal response in a manner similar to how an infrared camera works. This biofeedback information regarding your Unique electromagnetic field is analyzed through the dynamic and interactive aura imaging software.

Who Determined What The Aura Colors Mean?


The interpretive information is modeled from the research of Doctor Valerie Hunt a former Professor Emeritus at UCLA.  She was a pioneer in the scientific study of human bioenergy frequency patterns and their impact on human behaviors, emotions, health and illness.  Her impressive career includes consulting for NASA in addition to serving for the US Department of Health.

Using telemetry and electromyography instruments her research uncovered consistent correlations involving the frequency and the spectrum of colors of the human energy field.  Dr. Hunt has a unique background as a neurophysiologist and a physical therapist and studied impact that emotions have on the physical body.  The various factors utilized in her scientific approach are factored into the algorithms of our aura reading software.


Traveling Aura Photography Studio


Natural Colors Aura Photos is located in Chesapeake Virginia, however we are a traveling aura photography studio.   Instead of having a home studio we customize aura photography services for events, businesses and home parties.  We will even take an aura photograph of your pet!

Inquire about hosting an aura photo event at your home or business.