Natural Colors Aura Photo What I Learned from Reiki Masters Aura Photos

What I Learned from Reiki Masters Aura Photos

I recently held an aura photo event at Ascension Studios in the Outer Banks while owner Shree Fulcher was teaching an intensive three day Reiki Master class.

Natural Colors Aura Photos uses electronic hand sensors and a powerful computer program to show an individual the colors of their aura. Aura photos were available to anyone visiting this unique gathering of shops offering crystals, herbal remedies, handwoven crafts, nature derived body care products and organic juices.

The Reiki Masters

A variety of classes and services such as yoga and massage, psychic readings, reiki energy healing, and other workshops are also frequently offered here. I was honored when many of the students studying Reiki Energy requested their personalized aura photo reading.

This intensive training included extensive group meditations and a “vow of silence” for part of the day.

I will humorously admit that I envisioned unique majestical auras in vibrant shades of indigo from these kind spiritual advocates….

The aura photos of the students participating the master level Reiki training were different than one I may have expected.


Their auras were actually strikingly similar!  It is unusual to see a very high number of such similar auras at once I initially questioned whether the aura biofeedback sensor was functioning properly.  I reset my aura program for accuracy and the results were the same. Their individual chakra levels were unique to each person.

It is really interesting to see the high level that Shree’s throat chakra displayed since she was one teaching the class.  She did mention she was kind of surprised at the aura reading – since red is a color that she does not feel that she personally resonate with. Red in the auric field is representative of the root or base chakra and indicates power and vitality. (Fortunately for my ego the other students were still participating in their morning vow of silence and restrained from expressing any concerns about my aura photography.)


Aura Photo Readings

A glance around my surroundings lead me to question if a nearby table full of crystals used for grounding may have possibly impacted the results. Perhaps the March full moon played some role. However I did see more of a variety of aura colors in other readings from that day from highly attuned people such as Emily Howell of Howell’s Herbal Apothecary shop.


Reiki Aura Energy Demonstration

After the store closed I offered the students the opportunity to utilize the specialized Reiki Sensors I have as part of an energy reading demonstration.  Chelsie Merkaba is an active reiki practitioner at ascension studio and is demonstrating her energy healing skills in this video.

There is a significant lengthening of the root chakra.  It is a clear example of how “grounding” this type of energy healing is!

Second Aura Reading On The Same Day

I also offered the students an opportunity for another aura reading to see if there had been any changes through out the day. Their vow of silence had ended and they had participated in a lot of discussion in their afternoon class.  It is interesting since the color green is social and communicative.  Again their aura filled colors were very similar!


A Powerful Group

Much has been written on the interpretation of aura colors however I was unable to find any information on this particular phenomenon.  The possible bonding of the group unified field – during collective meditation sessions and energy training look like it impacted the individual auric field. To me the evidence speaks for itself  demonstrating the true power of collective vibes!


Verification of Information

Just after writing this blog post I discovered this same group energy phenomenon described in the book from Dr. Joe Dispenza titled “Becoming Supernatural.”

He describes “changes in energy during an advanced workshop”.  Dispenza states “when students break the energetic bonds with everyone and everything in their past-present reality, they draw from the ambient field to build their own individual electromagnetic field.  When this occurs the energy of the room can drop.”

He describes how the energy in the room rises as student break through later in the training.  “At this point, instead of drawing energy to the field, they are contributing energy to the field.”

His fascinating research gives validation to the power of our individual energy and that of a group.


Curious About Your Natural Colors

Aura photos are often available on the second Sunday of each month at Ascension Studios during their Soulfull Sunday vendor market.

Arrange an aura photo event with Natural Colors Aura Photos.

Learn more about energy healing through the Reiki Classes offered at Ascension Studio in the Outer Banks. 

Ascension Studio  1209 S Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948 

Stay in A Different Frame of Mind for a unique Outer Banks vacation!



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